Monday, March 23, 2009

To My Healing Friends

So much is up I hardly know where to begin. First of all, I urge you all to live in the mantra: I AM DIVINE LOVE AND I KNOW. This is the highest direction for keeping you balanced for manifestation. There is a lot of information about the limitations and fears regarding sex/religion/rules and regulations. This is old energy of guilt and judgement that we need to choose to release so we can begin loving ourselves more. When we are not open to follow our instincts because of old "shoulds/should nots" we stay in judgement of ourselves and others. The new energy is about ALLOWING: allowing your authentic self to express and allowing others to express without judgement. The polarities of right/wrong, good/bad etc. must fall away into a new definition: the oneness and beingness of all energy. We have separated the one energy into all sorts of definitions and catagories. It is time to bring down those walls so all energy can come together and work together for a brave New World: a world of trust, love and acceptance. The highest statements you can claim at this time: I AM DIVINE LOVE, and I KNOW. If you keep saying, "I don't know," -- you never will. the Universe can only match your direction. Say only what you want, direct it and allow it. Be the powerful God that you are by being clear on what you want, claiming it, allowing it, and manifesting it as the Creation that you are.


Dee said...


I just came across your radio show a few weeks ago. I love your show and the energy around you. Thank you for sharing. Really like your mantra: I AM DIVINE LOVE AND I KNOW!! It makes me smile every time I hear it or say it. If you are ever speaking in Ireland, Please let me know.

:-) Dee

Lisa said...

Dear Dee,
I am just after listening to one of your radio shows for the first time, i loved it and feel that it has really helped me on my spiritual journey. I know you are probably too busy to answer each individual question, but i was wondering if you could help me understand something that has been playing on my mind for quite some time. It caught my attention that you use a pendulum on your show and i am intruiged to find out if we can all utilize this as a tool...? I`ve had one in my possession for quite some time and never used it until i had a clear impulse/inspiration to pick it up and use it, and indeed it was a wonderful experience that filled me with love as my heart chakra opened up. I then used it quite a bit for some time, probably not correctly, and now every time i pick it up, my arm either gets really heavy or else it slides out from between my fingers...which leaves me feeling dishearteded and humbled. Do you have any idea what`s causing this? I`m not sure what made me turn to you or if its apropriate, but any guidance would be greatly apreciated! Thank you so much, with light,love & gratitude, lisa x