Saturday, May 1, 2010

To My Healing Friends

I have so much to tell you I hardly know where to start! I have just returned from two weeks in Europe where thousands of people were affected by the volcanic ash cloud. Mostly, we were affected by having to adapt to a world that could not be controlled as we have know it. The positives were monumental: People realized their resiliency, ingenuity, patience and commradary in new, albeit exhausting, ways. Again, humanity was forced to understand how united and One we are. We were humbled. We were forced to "go with the flow." And in the coming months and years, as we have seen since the beginning of time, adaptability will be a key factor in our choice of joy and happiness: the ability to choose to accept a circumstance and the ability to choose joy in spite/because of it.

Our beautiful earth has accepted and absorbed so much anger and psychosis energetically from us, that it must regurgitate it as we call ourselves into living in peace, bliss, fairness and unconditional love for each other. As within, so without. And Mother Earth can only express in love the state of her children. Like the earthquakes and erruptions, she is urging the release of anger and the choice of loving peace and acceptance. Let's start with ourselves, and move outward to all people. Let's consciously claim Divine Love for all the Universe, and consciously live it in every moment. Every time we stay in anger, it pools into the whole. Every time we choose love, it balances the whole. "Getting back home" was a metaphor for all of us. It was more than the physical journey: it is about getting Home to the God of you.

Blessings, Dee

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

To My Healing Friends

Happy New Year. Just think about the real meaning of those three words: a A new beginning. A new perspective. A new choice. "This is the first day of the rest of your life." "This is the moment." "The future is now."

In order for us to choose the creation of a happy NEW year, we must let go of all the "stories" that have defined us up until now: the old weaknesses, the old victim ties, the reasons we "can't", the people who "won't let us." Until we let go of the old, we can't create the new because we are simply "re-creating" old stuff.

"Should auld acquaintances be forgot and never brought to mind..." Let's make a toast to the old limiting, not choosing, not knowing selves. Toast and wish the old "me" bye-bye. Let's ring in the new me: the me that consciously chooses and creates and knows.

There are some points to be aware of that will expedite this celebration of the new self: (1) We connect with the Higher Self (that we are). (2) We direct the balance and integration of the masculine and the feminine. (3) We claim Power through Divine Love.

If you make a resolution list, make one knowing that the experiences of freedom, joy, unconditional love, health and abundance are connected to each and every promise and wish for yourself during this New Year. Knowing that you are consciously directing these experiences in every physical manifestation you bring forward.

Know that your demonstration begins within you. You ARE the money, the health, the relationship. You must experience the beingness within you first. All else stems from that. As within, so without. Choose to BE the experience you are hoping to manifest. It all begins with you.

Blessings, Dee