Thursday, October 9, 2008

To My Healing Friends

What a ride! The Universe is offering us so many opportunities to choose Balance right now. As Neal Donald Walsh puts it, "We get to 'Choose Who We Really Are.'" Are we choosing to define ourselves as a God who leaves its Knowing? Goes into the fear of the collective? Forgets to Direct Its Own Life/Reaction/Creation? Hopefully, we are CHOOSING to KNOW we are creation, and DIRECTING our CONSCIOUSNESS to CREATE ease, effortlessness, joy, peace, prosperity and divine love everywhere in our lives -- and in the consiousness everywhere. The more we all hold the balance, the more we serve ourselves/the One!

If you feel fear or anxiousness, remember to acknowledge it, thank it, and then consciously choose to balance the source of it with I AM DIVINE LOVE. Because, ultimately, the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.

Stay in your KNOWING. I KNOW all is Divine Love. I CHOOSE to know that. I CHOOSE to direct that. I KNOW.

May we all see the world/life we want by choosing to let go of the drama. We need to re-direct our consciousness (including our physical bodies) to experience the high WHEN WE ARE LIVING IN BLISS and EASE and PROSPERITY.

The Ulitimate High: not the juice of trying to "get there," but the bliss of BEING.