Monday, November 3, 2008

To My Healing Friends

Obviously, there is much energy swirling around right now. You have a choice: I know or I don't know.

I know I create my life I don't...
I know I am safe I don't...
I know I am responsible I don't...
I know I am financially abundant and secure I don't...

As you believe, it is delivered unto you. If there is a "but" at the end of the above sentences, you don't know. You "sort of" know. The Universe has no choice but deliver you "sort of."

It is important that you direct and claim the "Oneness of femmale energy" now.

Notice it is a perfect blending of the balance of male and female energy into one energy. Male + Female = Creation

Each of us contain both. When we are in perfect balance, we are in choice and creation.

Me -> You -> Them -> All

When we shift, the people around us shift, the people around them shift, and ultimately universal shift happens. Shift instead of shit. That's my motto! And it all begins with the individual.

So please, direct all femmale energy balanced and working as the harmonious energy it is. You can do this by claiming "I Am Divine Love. I Am Star 0."

Zero is the blank page of new creation. Get out your crayons!

If you haven't checked out my book, Conscious Creation, it is available on now. It can change your life. I know. Just writing it changed mine and it is my ultimate joy and knowing to share its truthfulness with you!