Wednesday, September 9, 2009

There is so much up "in the field" I don't know where to begin! Letting go of the need for drama, and the rollercoaster ride it offers, has returned. It has surfaced again because, like many subjects, when we get to the deeper/more expansive levels of anything, we often need to choose again: choose the balance, choose to consciously create what we actually want - consistant balance/peace. If you have old issues that seem to be resurfacing, that's what is going on. Be happy you are conscious enough to see it and balance it early. Celebrate your awareness. Transition is also in major play right now. We must embrace it: it is happening anyway. The more we resist, the harder the metamorphasis will be. CHOOSE TO BE the consciousness of TRANSITION. I want to be clear with you about using the I AM. When we say, "I AM", we are declaring that indeed, "I AM the consciousness of whatever I AM claiming. Please stop and really grasp this: you are the consciousness of money itself, of health itself, of relationships! Those things are not outside of you. You are the consciousness of those things. It is a subtle but huge shift in perspective. If, indeed, we are the consciousness of whatever we are claiming (I AM money, I AM sick), we literally are claiming we ARE the energy of that. Therefore, the energy that we are, creates itself in material form everywhere in our lives. If we are the consciousness of money, we can never be without the experience of it - because we are the energy of it. Therefore, we attract that which we are. Duality/Polarities are present in every subject in our lives. We want to be conscious that when we are desiring an issue like "money" to be healed in our lives, we are directing the balance of "having money AND not having money." When we are directing health, we are directing the balance of "health AND lack of health." Included in all the subjects is the zero point, or still point, where there is nothing and everything. It is the point where new choice/creation takes place. So when we hold in our consciousness that "health" holds a negative and positive and "lack of health" holds a negative/positive, we can choose to stay in the balance of zero point, where there is nothing, and everything can then be created anew. Finally, are we making decisions to love ourselves? It is the cornerstone of choice. Love Yourself so much that you choose to relate with healthy people, eat healthy food, and partake in supportive activities. Love Yourself so much you attract to yourself the money your consciousness IS, knowing your direction of money flow in your life is a conscious statement of what your soul wants to express. Love Yourself as the One Energy you are. Then all choices are the highest for yourself and everyone! Blessings, Dee

Monday, July 6, 2009

To My Acting Friends

Wow! What a ride. If it weren't for my healing work, I'd be going bonkers. First, I'm offered the lead in a TV movie of the week but "I have to take scale because they paid the other stars more money." I declined and passed. Then the big movie that was "sure to go" that I had been booked to do for 3 months lost its financing. I'm sharing these personal stories to let you know you're not alone. Even Brad Pitt's movie got cancelled! But! - It directs us to stay focused on what we want: for the economy to be strong so we can celebrate out creativity exponentially! Keep focused on what you want. I have a lot of things in the fire, but I want to point out something important for you to know: BE SURE YOU TAKE YOUR ESSENCE AND BEINGNESS INTO YOUR ACTING! The business can shift your focus to it being "a job", and lose the creative essence that is the core of acting. Remember the joy of sharing your heart that made you want to act in the first place. Celebrate yourself and your gift. Ultimately, you stay in joy and create what you want.


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To My Healing Friends

Hold on to your seats. It's a bumpy ride! One that we all hope is nearing the turn in the bend. What is the life lesson that keeps asking you to realize you have to let go/redefine/begin from zero?

According to our work, it is all about trusting the Universe. We are all doing/doing/doing without BEING. And in the final step, if we don't "let go" and trust the Universe to deliver -- IT CAN'T!! It's like saying, "I dare you to find me" when you're hiding in a place where you can't be found. Or, to use an analogy close to my heart, it's like an actor getting opposite directions that they can't possibly carry out. So join me in claiming: I AM ENOUGH. I BELONG. I SURRENDER. I TRUST THE UNIVERSE. I KNOW.

Because it's all done. The work is done. The allowing is here. But we must trust to, well, allow the allowing!

And this can feel like death. Letting go of all our stories, all our blaming, all our victimness, all our limiting definitions of who we have been. So CHOOSE to do that NOW. Once the choice is made, it is miraculous how the fear dissipates. The power of this moment - when you choose consciously to live in DIVINE LOVE - creates every vibration from the past NEW, and creates the present and future according to your direction.

Celebrate yourself and LOVE YOURSELF unconditionally! I do!


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Friday, June 12, 2009

To My Healing Friends

Where do I begin? These are the major things up in the energetic field as of today:


Past, Present and Future are exitsing NOW: When I choose to direct and create something now, I change the vibrations I have ever sent out or will ever send out, as well as those being created now.

I exist on many dimensions, therefore, I must integrate myself from all those dimensions to the direction of NOW.

The four "parts" of each me, also directed to be integrated, are: My Higher Self, My Ego, My Alter Ego, and My Creative Self. All are a part of me, and therefore under my direction.

Whew -- that is a lot to take in. Also, very important!!! Intention is the 2nd highest force after love, even before direction. If your basic intention comes from lack, fear, etc., that will be taken in to every creation and sabotage its ultimate complete manifestation. We will be talking about this extensively on my show Consciously Creating Your Life on Law of Attraction Radio Network Thursday, June 18th at 7:00 p.m. PST

Until then - love yourself, love yourself and love yourself MORE!! It is creation itself. You are enough just by being here!

Blessings, Dee

To My Acting Friends

OK. I have good news and bad! The good: I booked a great part in a big film with awesome people. Yippee! The bad: I can't tell you WHAT 'cause the contracts aren't signed. So, look for next month's blog with all the lovely details! Thank God (literally) that we ratified the new agreement with SAG. Maybe now some of that blocked work will open up to be created. Like everything everywhere - we are cleaning out old energies and fears so we can play again. And I'm ready! You? I also had a blast this past month replacing Sandra Berhardt (I know - go figure) in a movie called Hollywont. I was working with rappers and stand-ups and I had a ball. It reminded me how fun acting is and should be: a lesson I need to practice more. 'Cause let's face it, the Universe responds to fun and lightness. The phrase for this month is: I AM ENOUGH. Remember that it is your essence that defines you - not how many gigs you book.

Till next month, take your joy into every class and audition - and out into the world.

Blessings, Dee

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Monday, March 23, 2009

To My Healing Friends

So much is up I hardly know where to begin. First of all, I urge you all to live in the mantra: I AM DIVINE LOVE AND I KNOW. This is the highest direction for keeping you balanced for manifestation. There is a lot of information about the limitations and fears regarding sex/religion/rules and regulations. This is old energy of guilt and judgement that we need to choose to release so we can begin loving ourselves more. When we are not open to follow our instincts because of old "shoulds/should nots" we stay in judgement of ourselves and others. The new energy is about ALLOWING: allowing your authentic self to express and allowing others to express without judgement. The polarities of right/wrong, good/bad etc. must fall away into a new definition: the oneness and beingness of all energy. We have separated the one energy into all sorts of definitions and catagories. It is time to bring down those walls so all energy can come together and work together for a brave New World: a world of trust, love and acceptance. The highest statements you can claim at this time: I AM DIVINE LOVE, and I KNOW. If you keep saying, "I don't know," -- you never will. the Universe can only match your direction. Say only what you want, direct it and allow it. Be the powerful God that you are by being clear on what you want, claiming it, allowing it, and manifesting it as the Creation that you are.