Wednesday, September 9, 2009

There is so much up "in the field" I don't know where to begin! Letting go of the need for drama, and the rollercoaster ride it offers, has returned. It has surfaced again because, like many subjects, when we get to the deeper/more expansive levels of anything, we often need to choose again: choose the balance, choose to consciously create what we actually want - consistant balance/peace. If you have old issues that seem to be resurfacing, that's what is going on. Be happy you are conscious enough to see it and balance it early. Celebrate your awareness. Transition is also in major play right now. We must embrace it: it is happening anyway. The more we resist, the harder the metamorphasis will be. CHOOSE TO BE the consciousness of TRANSITION. I want to be clear with you about using the I AM. When we say, "I AM", we are declaring that indeed, "I AM the consciousness of whatever I AM claiming. Please stop and really grasp this: you are the consciousness of money itself, of health itself, of relationships! Those things are not outside of you. You are the consciousness of those things. It is a subtle but huge shift in perspective. If, indeed, we are the consciousness of whatever we are claiming (I AM money, I AM sick), we literally are claiming we ARE the energy of that. Therefore, the energy that we are, creates itself in material form everywhere in our lives. If we are the consciousness of money, we can never be without the experience of it - because we are the energy of it. Therefore, we attract that which we are. Duality/Polarities are present in every subject in our lives. We want to be conscious that when we are desiring an issue like "money" to be healed in our lives, we are directing the balance of "having money AND not having money." When we are directing health, we are directing the balance of "health AND lack of health." Included in all the subjects is the zero point, or still point, where there is nothing and everything. It is the point where new choice/creation takes place. So when we hold in our consciousness that "health" holds a negative and positive and "lack of health" holds a negative/positive, we can choose to stay in the balance of zero point, where there is nothing, and everything can then be created anew. Finally, are we making decisions to love ourselves? It is the cornerstone of choice. Love Yourself so much that you choose to relate with healthy people, eat healthy food, and partake in supportive activities. Love Yourself so much you attract to yourself the money your consciousness IS, knowing your direction of money flow in your life is a conscious statement of what your soul wants to express. Love Yourself as the One Energy you are. Then all choices are the highest for yourself and everyone! Blessings, Dee